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future furry girls as anime humans

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 23, 2017, 3:38 AM

well it seems to me that anime started to help me create something cool anime human furries and i know you all want to see that too. so.... i will make it happen if you got a furry character you want to see become a anime human like nicole watterson and shima luan i want you to comment a furry girl here so i can see what you got if there as good i'll make them and give ya credit for the big suggestions so if you want to participate the comments is open

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a future project based on Tracer vs Scout

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 29, 2016, 6:06 AM

    well as you can see i've been thinking up something so cool it would be based off a show death battle and a music video its been Tracer vs Scout. as you can see i drew out kitty katswell as the lovely tracer from overwatch now i want to figure out which character matches or has something similar to the scout from team fortress 2. so if you like to help me figure out what character matches the scout comment here and i will like to see what you came up with and who knows i might based this idea in either a death battle comic or a youtube video inspired from the them so.... show me what you got.

Remember No asking me for request because i'm already backed up as it is and NO roleplaying or asking me dumb questions that has nothing to do with this journal

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Tomorrows my birthday

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 19, 2016, 4:02 AM

Well everyone tomorrow will be my 30th birthday and im getting excited. so if you want to comment me a happy birthday then i be happy to hear ya and if you want to give or make me something nice i will welcome it too. so until the 20th of october i'll be hitting the 3 0 boy im getting old lol so if you like to shout out and maybe give me a nice gift thanks but no llamas please i get too many of them and its kinda boring im more of a fox and huskie lover then a llama fan so yeah thanks for listening

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Poll winner and No More RPing

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 25, 2016, 7:31 AM

Okay so just want to clarify on the polls the winner is and surprisingly  Tracer from overwatch so congrats on her and those who voted for her she'll be proud to teleport to my gallery real soon.

now for this for now on I will kindly ask you to stop roleplaying in my drawings comments because the comments are for enjoying my pics not rping on my pics. i get one or a few pics completed and then someone had to go roleplaying in the just posted pic so for now on do not roleplay on there anymore soon it's going to make me not want to draw anything anymore if your going to waste my time roleplaying on any of my drawings understand that i can only draw at night because of my job i work at i would either get stressed out or tired from my work i try to either rest or draw up new pics so plz no more with the rping because i will just either end it or stop drawing for a while because like i said it's going to ruin the fun on my drawings 

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well ive been thinking alil bit and some of my older pics could get a remake one day so i decided to ask you the viewers and fans this if i thought of remaking any of my old artworks which ones would you like to see get a remake?

all you need to do is view the gallery of mines and comment with a pic you would love to see be remade and if you don't got one of my artworks to be remade then you can suggest one of your owns if u like so tell me what you like and i will get it a remake of the new millennium
hahahahaha after all these time im finally back. my internet was departed from me before but now i have returned now i'm feeling like my old self once again and soon there will be drawings that are overdue to return and still in the development so don't fret and i will continue on so its great to be back
Hi there everyone listen are you looking for a job if you live near California or in the Moreno valley area there is a job you can get its Chicago pasta house in Moreno valley. We're looking for hard working people that needs a job if you want to apply for waiter or waitress pizza man or dishwasher come right over bring a application and talk to a man name Dino and get interviewed to see if u got the job so if your interested then come right over thanks for listening
That's right everybody sadly I don't have internet in my computer for a while so I can't post up any new artworks but necessarily I will happily have to wait for two weeks until I can get a new internet provider so until the time being don't ask for request don't ask for commissions I cannot help you this time because like I said I'm out I'm out on my computer cuz no internet so if you do still want to help me out with something maybe donate some money for my internet provider or whatever then we'll see what happens just talk to me on comment in here if you want to donate or not me either way I'll give you some info about how you can help you don't feel OK so see you in two weeks bye bye
well it's been a while since i was going to work on the purple dancer comic because of my job but that's another story so i'm slowly working on the comic but saddly i'm lacking characters so i'll allow characters that you made aka oc's to be part of the comic if it's furry, human, good or bad or anything ur creativity got u to make them then all you got to do is show me via note or even the comment below. if your character is impressive and gots a interesting background u given them they will be on the comic but if your character isn't picked don't feel bad they will be in there probably as background characters unless i find me own derpy hooves who knows but anywho if your interested and want to be feature in a comic even my other comic like platinum artist z then comment here or note me for private reason and i'll see if your character is worth being a star

and if you want to help out you can donate points to help out 1 point will make a different

thanks for listening or reading and hopefully will get the comic up in no time
Well this one was a interesting idea i just been playing around my head so here is a possible death battle between a deadly diva leader taking on a Furry master swordsman with the way of the warrior.

Like Lady Satsuki Kiryuin the leader of the honnoji academy and Agent Carmichael J. Fox the warrior of Tuff hq

in this scenario it's a battle between two different fighters one of leadership and deadliest attribute while the other is stealthy and cunning with his warrior instincts.

now the question is will these two fighters ever meet in a death battle who would you think will win a fight and in case you want to know what carmichael j fox got in his arsenal he got these following:

armor: a black gi and blue jeans and gold boots/ Armored mode: light weighted ninja garbs for stealth
weapons: two undercovered twin sword, a pop out glider, link chain whip, tuff blasters and the sword of zorra
abilitys: master of fox fu (combination of wushu and jeet kendo), quick speed, and developed a technique known as spirit chi which can increased the wielder of the sword's chi 10X's the normal warrior can use, and if not controlled from its chi will unleashed the raging beast which is the negative side to the person or warrior to unleash there evil or hated side.

origin: carmichael was abandon when he was a young cub at the footsteps of the zorra clan and was taken in to be skilled and trained by the master of the clan who raised him as one of his own, destin to heir the powerful weapon his chances was nearly dashed as his master/adopted father was killed and the sword was taken vowed to reclaim and avenge his master he travel to petropolius to seek the assassin and return the sword to his rightful owner with the help of new people and friends the tuff agents learning by them he gain new alias and defeated the thief and gain a love interest to agent kitty katswell he manages to fight along side to tuff agents and fights against enemies that crosses path with them

well hope u enjoy that and let me know what you think and do u see this as a possible death battle and if so who do you think will win Satsuki Kiryui or Carmichael J. Fox?
well everyone i've been thinking of something really cool since ive been browsing around the youtube site for a while and i watched a particular video that fts mlp and a catchy song what's the song and such why none other then Five Nights At Freddy's by The Living tombstones i got to say it was interesting and so catchy that for once i want to try something different so what do i wanted to use....

TUFF PUPPY! thats right i want to try out my attempt to make a five nights a freddy's mv with Tuff agents so i'm going to practice more on making the agents more animatronic besides taking my time on the animation but after i deal with everything else i got in my plate so if you think i can pull it off then thank you so much for ur support and wish me luck
hey there everyone well today was a pretty good day i went to the mall to see the movie the fantastic 4 and i was rather disappointed at it if u want to see my review on facebook i can leave a link on it and i went shopping for a while and alil worried about something.....  my mother is planning to cancel my internet and im not sure when but i would need your help for this. you see if you can donate to my paypal or patreon then i can send over the money so i wont lose my internet and i can still come on here to show off my drawings and such. but as always nobody wants to help out or such and i'm worried that you don't care for me so if you want to help please don't hesitate to ask and donate because like goku i need your help.

but anywho i'm just have a pretty good day still just trying to survive and such and trying to have fun too so yeah
SO you really want to know about me in this questionaire well very well here it is

1. How long have you been on DevinantArt?
7 years and still going

2. What does your username mean?
Master is pretty much a cool title for music or even artisty or anything i might master on ;) Ghost is pretty much i'm like a ghost everywhere but only if you can see me and unlimited would be pretty much obviously i'm not limited to just drawing i can make video's friends and creativity beat that superman lol

3.Describe yourself in three words
Tenacious, creative, hard working

4. Are you left or right handed?
Right handed.

5. What was your first deviation?
have many but i would say this one Michael Jackson's Tribute Fan by MasterghostUnlimited

6. What is your favorite type of art to create?
drawings from other artist to even magazine covers .

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
hm... master the drawing tablets and sai program and Animation blender

8. What was your first favorite?
.+0 DP X-Mas Comic Page 2 0+. by vanidence well now you know

9. What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?
would have to say butch hartman style to akira toriyama i love hartman's artwork and style and i love anime and dragonball z.

10. Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?
hm... tricky question well i would have to say these five Trey-vore, The-Killer-WC, Somepkmn-lovingdude, innocenttazlet and DarkDPx3.

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
:icontrey-vore: :icondarkdpx3: :iconsomepkmn-lovingdude: :iconinnocenttazlet: :iconcrocsx: :iconscobionical99: :icondaanton: :iconamity-lee: :iconthw-killer-wc:

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
sketchbooks and pencils and mouse and pads.

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
the mall and cartoons on tv

15. What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?
when i started making my friends and fans enjoy my artwork.
Well coming soon the winner of the voting thanks to the voters will be none other then kill la kill's very own Ryuko Matoi i will be working on her for the very first time. so be ready to see the rebellious academy student as she will slice up the anime drawing world by storm thanks for voting and i will work up a new poll real sooner or later
That's right everyone I manage to create my comic book company called Wushu Comics and is it available on Facebook but your asking me what is wushu comics allow me to explain.... It is a fan base comic company that will show off your amazing creations from your own work i will help you sell your comics at any location and will help u and my company make a profit. so far my comic company has been getting popular with the ads in facebook yay me now if your interested to have your creations becoming the next thing since marvel comics and dc comics and dark horse comics show me what you got and if u wish help help out more i will take paypal donations to help it stay on and of course making ur awesome creations come to life so if your interested i will leave the link to my comic company and if you got questions u can comment here or send me a note so come on in and enjoy making ur fantasy's into a reality
Ok who's this I saw the episode of gravity falls with not what he seems I was wondering what the story was all about but now I seen it and I'm blown away I haven't been this surprised since I saw the movie Avatar and now the story is unraveling to become the biggest surprise ever if they do a third season I like to know more about Stan's twin brother but whatever what happened back then is a mystery still so this is what I want to tell and that's all I wanted to know now gravity Falls is the biggest mysterious and coolest cartoon I've ever seen so that's all I wanted to say thank you 
well as you can see sports is fun and what better way to do it is basketball but what i'm going for is a female basketball and it will be a tournament as well. what it is there will be 3 female characters as a team going to play a classical 3 on 3 basketball tournament and it will feature oc's and original characters as well so if your interested to see or be part of the team spirit let me know who would you like to see in the team plus i will make a tournament listing to make it official i will list up 12 teams to be on the roster and then the votes will commence then i will draw out the victory pics and finally the championship as well so if your interested comment here or note me and get into the game ^_^
well i've been busy for a while i never got around to this but here goes. Have you ever want to have your fan based comic become a publish comic book well i've created a facebook page that can do that. I call it Wushu comics as of now it's non profitable but if i get it worked on then it will change to making a not only a future comic book company like marvel and dc comics but it will be for the fans like us making a difference. so if you want to have your fan base comics become something cool got to facebook and post your comic in there if complete i will make sure to help you sell your idea and you will receive a awesome reward so if you got any questions or want to know more comment here or note me so we can make something happen so thanks for reading and hope to see you there
Well Today I was on Ebay and something amazing happen i'll give you a clue it's black and white, fights crime, and airs on Nickelodeon....... time's up It's TUFF PUPPY.... that's right I won season 1 and season 2 of Tuff Puppy YAY ME! i'm the luckiest fan ever I will be waiting until they plan for a third season dvd collection so if you want to get your own go to ebay or Amazon if some of you are members there and get your very own tuff puppy dvd this could show that Nickelodeon does make a better profit than spongebob so yeah so Excited ^_^
Okay I've been enjoying new death battles and such and possible a eventually a fight for Joey Fox from platinum artist z against a special dc comic fighter I won't tell who it is but now heres something i like to know from you. If Tuff Agent Carmichael J Fox fought in a death Battle against anyone who you it be and why would he fight against that person?

yeah i've been playing him in my head most of the time for entertainment against The Dragon warrior Po but in your opinion who would you see Carmichael J. Fox battle to the death in a eventual death battle?